The Mortgage Application Process

What happens once we submit your mortgage application?

All your documents will be uploaded to the lender, including your proof of income, bank statements, proof of deposit (if required) identity etc.

These will then be checked off by the underwriters in around 1-2 working days (but this can depend on their workload) and if they have any questions or require anything else, they will come back to us.

For the next step, they will instruct their surveyor to check the property to make sure its suitable security for them to lend money on.

Nowadays in around 50% of cases the surveyors do what's called a 'desktop survey' so they don't actually go into the property for a physical inspection.

They just use historic and computer data to compile the vaution.

Once this report has been sent back to the lender, this will usually be checked off in another 1 to 2 workings days (but again, depending on the lenders workload). If the report is fine, they will then issue the formal mortgage offer and send to us (the broker) you and your solicitor or licenced conveyancer.

Then.... It's all in the hands of the legal people!

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