First-Time Buyers: Start Your Journey Here!

First-Time Buyers

Start Your Journey Here!

Expert advice, support, and guidance every step of the way.

Expert advice, support, and guidance every step of the way.

Here are just a few of the areas that we can help and advise you on

Here are just a few of the areas that we can help and advise you on

  • Maximum Mortgage 
  • Deposit Required
  • The One-off costs involved
  • Mortgage Agreed in Principle
  • Valuation & Survey Options
  • Solicitors Costs
  • Insurances to Consider
  • Rates & Monthly Payments
  • House Buying Process

 For more information, advice or a quote fill in the form with your details and we will contact you.

For more information, advice or a quote fill in the form with your details and we will contact you.

First Time Buyers

Embarking on the journey of buying your first home is a thrilling yet potentially daunting thing. As a first-time buyer, you're navigating unfamiliar terrain, dealing with a multitude of financial intricacies that can occasionally feel overwhelming.

At DS Mortgages not only do we offer you seamless access to an extensive network of over 90 UK lenders, we also provide holistic advice on all aspects of protection that you need to consider. Our objective is to make the process comfortable, practical, and straightforward, ensuring every step is transparent and every decision well-informed.

Want to take the leap into homeownership or stumbled upon the dream property you simply cannot resist? So, what exactly should you know?

As expert mortgage brokers with over 30 years helping 0,000s of clients, we have the knowledge and expertise to kickstart the home-buying process, guiding you through every step of the way. From handling paperwork to conducting preliminary financial assessments, we understand the first-time mortgage process inside and out. Beyond that, we'll help you navigate the labyrinth of homeowner's protection, covering all potential risks and security measures, assuring you a safer and well-protected homeownership journey.

First Time Buyers

How does getting a mortgage work as a first time buyer?

If the world of mortgages is entirely new to you, knowing where to start can be a challenge. While saving up that deposit is commitment enough, the next step in the process is finding out exactly how much you can borrow – and if you’ll be able to get a deal in place to get the best offer on your chosen property. dsMortgages are experienced in supporting first time buyers through the first steps towards a property of their own, and that all starts with figuring out how much you can borrow.

As with any loan, a first time buyer mortgage requires a good look at your current finances to see whether the property you’ve fallen in love with is affordable for you. Realistically, mortgage providers and lenders are looking for the least risk possible. If you have a good credit rating, a great source of income and you meet all the affordability requirements, then the process is likely to go incredibly smoothly. But don’t forget about that deposit, as well as the fees included as part of the mortgage process.

Often, first time buyers need an extra helping hand to get the process underway for their first time mortgage. Our team at dsMortgages aims to provide that support as a professional mortgage broker, using our experience and expertise to set you up for success in the mortgage process. From deposits to fees, interest rates to affordability tests, we provide insight into it all, so no part of the mortgage process is a mystery – and to help you get the best first time buyers mortgage for your specific needs.

How do I get started with a mortgage as a first time buyer?

If you’ve got your deposit saved up and you’re ready to leap in, the first step is taking a look at the mortgages available to you. Whoever you pick will require an affordability assessment as well as an in-depth look at your income and outgoings, plus your credit history. It may sound like a lot, but preparing in advance with a mortgage advisor can ensure you’re on the right track to be approved for your first home by running through everything you need to know and do.

Once you’ve calculated what you can afford and are likely to be approved for, you can take a look at the best rates and monthly payments for your needs. At dsMortgages, we have access to deals from over 90 lenders, allowing you to find the most suitable option for your requirements. We then go through the whole process with you from start to finish, from liaising with solicitors and estate agents to managing your paperwork in-house. With our support, the keys to your new home can be in your hands in no time.

Do you need a mortgage broker as a first time buyer?

While it may seem like going it alone is the more affordable choice for first time mortgages, in many cases, this can lead to longer processes, easily avoidable mistakes or even problems in finding the best deal. Working with an expert mortgage broker gives you access to decades of knowledge of the mortgage industry, ensuring you’re getting the best option for you – rather than the generic choice that may cost more and be less suitable in the long-term.

With dsMortgages, you aren’t just accessing our expertise. As part of the wider Stonebridge Mortgage Group, we’re uniquely placed to offer mortgage options from over 90 different lenders. That means deals and opportunities that aren’t available through other brokers, benefitting your budget and ensuring your property dreams are fulfilled with a tailored option that works for you. Working with a friendly and professional team is exactly that kind of support you need when buying a home for the first time, and that’s precisely what our team can provide.

Why choose dsMortgages?

As a mortgage broker for first time buyers, we offer an exceptional standard of service every step of the way. We aim to make the mortgage process as practical and straightforward as possible for customers like you. So, if you’re a first time buyer and you want to start your mortgage process on the right foot, then working with our professional, friendly team is the best option for you. Thanks to our extensive network of lenders, personal expertise and years of experience, we’re well-placed to help you get the mortgage you want for the home you love.

Get in touch with our friendly team today using our contact form, or over the phone on 0330 22 333 10. We’re more than happy to answer all queries you may have as a first time buyer, and talk you through the process from start to finish. If you’re looking for a professional, expert first time mortgage broker that puts your needs first, then dsMortgages is your ideal choice. Drop us a line today to get started on finding the best first time mortgage deal for you.

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